Mallams sell three rare lots highlighting the legacy of slavery abolition

Mallams sell three rare lots highlighting the legacy of slavery abolition


Three lots representing the abolition of colonial slavery were sold at yesterday's auction (June 26th) at Mallams in Gloucestershire.

In 1807 the British Parliament passed the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. The abolition of enslavement in the British Empire was not wholly achieved until the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833.

Lot 349, pictured right, medallion by David of Birmingham, sold at a hammer price of £450. The medallion itself represented he “An Extinction of Colonial Slavery” dating back to 1834 just after the Act came into force.

Lot 350, pictured left, also represents “Extinction of Colonial Slavery” as the engraving: ‘Am I Not a Woman and a Sister’ with the other side engraved: ‘To the Friends of Justice Mercy and Freedom’. This medallion sold at a hammer price of £800.

Lastly, lot 320, pictured below, is an intricate 18-carat gold chain with a Josiah Wedgwood anti-slavery seal on one end: ‘Am I not a man and a brother’, representing a long campaign for the British Parliament to abolish the slave trade. In 1787, Josiah Wedgwood’s anti-slavery medallions were distributed for free at the abolitionist society meetings. The 18-carat gold chain with a Josiah Wedgwood, anti-slavery seal on one end sold at a hammer price of £1,400.












These historical antiques, each with unique designs and engravings, offer a reminder of the struggle and eventual triumph over slavery. 


(Lot 320)

The auction, which attracted interest from collectors and historians, reminds us of the importance of these symbols of freedom and justice.

Mallams auctioneers were established in Oxford in 1788, and continue to hold specialist sales in Cheltenham, Oxford and Abingdon.

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