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Where to sell your Mary Fedden Painting?

Mary Fedden (1915-2012) is regarded as one of Britain’s finest and most-admired artists of the 20th Century. Her career spanned over 70 years and her body of work is hugely sought after by collectors, galleries and private buyers. Over the years Mallams have sold a variety of her work as part of our Modern-British Art auctions, in this article we will look at a few of these in more detail:


Still Life of Flowers, 1948

   Sold for £6,800 – March 2018


‘Still life of Flowers’ was one of the first paintings Fedden completed after the War when she moved in 1946 to Redcliffe Road, with her friend Maise Meiklejohn. The success of these paintings led to Fedden's first exhibition at the Mansard Gallery at Heals, London.

  Sunset at Menerbes, 1994

Sold for £4,600 – May 2019

Fedden travelled extensively across Europe, painting along the way with her husband and fellow artist, Julian Trevelyan. ‘Sunset at Menerbes’ was painted in the years after Trevelyan’s death, the figure with his back turned in the hat is believed to be Trevelyan, as a tribute to her late husband.


Lulu’s Country Seat, 1999

Sold for £4,000 – May 2018

Fedden was particularly fond of Cats and portrayed them in front of a wide range of landscapes and interiors. ‘Lulu’s Country Seat’ shows exactly this, executed in watercolours it proved extremely popular, selling for four times the original estimate.


If you are thinking about selling a Mary Fedden, or would just like to know its value, Mallams are happy to provide a free valuation. Our next suitable sale for works by Mary Fedden takes place on December 6th at our Oxford Office. For more information please get in touch with our Modern and Post-War Art Department.

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